Thierry Hermes was born in Germany in 1801, but he started his career as harness-maker in Normandie, region of the north of France.
His work was his passion, so suddenly he won the respect of his colleagues in his "métier".
Hermes landed in Paris in 1837, and this is when he reached the expected success.
He knew his labour and his handicraft method were delicate and unique.
His son, Charles-Emile Hermes was the one who gave to the brand the final touch and the hallmark of luxury: two strong conceptions that are still engraved in the company.

The high quality, tradition and technology in design make Hermes one of the most exclusive high-end brands worldwide.

Visionary, innovative and traditional, Hermes makes us dream about his new collection every year.

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    The Nantucket watch was inspired by one of Hermès' most famous motifs, the "Chaine d'ancre", released in 1938. The iconic chain frame has been given a new value, and the light and elegant design of the bracelet in stainless steel or pink gold is …





    La HERMES CARRE H attire l'attention par son design signé Marc Berthier. Ce modèle est équipé d'un nouveau mouvement Hermès, présenté lors du SIHH 2018 Genève. Contrairement à la version précédente apparue en 2010, édition limitée, et réalisée en…

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